Catholic Husband

Love, Lead, Serve

Episode 4 - Fr. Gus


We moved to a new town last summer, and have settled into our new parish. My kids are really taken with our pastor. I talk about why.Read Full Article

Episode 3 - The Day After Perfect

Surfer falls into massive wave

It’s the day after Ash Wednesday, and the reality of Lent is starting to sink in. If you enjoyed some delicious bacon yesterday, you’re not alone. I talk about the best way to handle failures on your Lenten journey.Read Full Article

Episode 2 - Oh My Lent

Arid desert at high noon

Up until about 4 years ago, I hated Lent. Now, I see it for what it really is. Make this Lent special by using focus and the community around you to overcome your biggest hurdle. Read Full Article

Episode 1 - Hello Again

Hello sticker with smiley face

After four years, the podcast is back! Now with a new, shorter format, I lay out my plans for the podcast and share thoughts on my hiatus last year.Read Full Article