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ChetComm is Debt Free

A one dollar bill

I opened the doors of my company, ChetComm, LLC seven years ago with a series of rap videos about my Prius. I was in college and really didn't have plans for ChetComm other than to make a few videos and have some fun. In 2013, through ChetComm, I launched Catholic Husband and have now published over 450 blog posts and two books. Most recently, I've begun doing website design for clients. A few weeks ago, I reached the point where I was finally able to reimburse my family's budget for all of the money that it had put into ChetComm over the years. ChetComm is now debt free and I'm over the moon!

Perhaps you're like me, running a small business out of a home office with your wife supporting you the whole way. If you are, you know the stress and frustration of knowing that in order to get your idea off the ground, you have to take resources from your family that should be helping your family reach its current financial goal. Yet, without those same resources, your business will never grow. It's a difficult position to be in, but now that I'm across that line and into the black, I’m elated! Throughout the entire of existence of Catholic Husband, I've been getting by with minimal tools and now I can finally afford tools that will really help us grow. Translation: things are about to get a lot cooler!

I'm so grateful for Alison's unwavering support and advice. Her guidance and vision has helped me to see and understand where to put my time, talent, and resources, and as a result we've both benefited. If I didn't have her support, Catholic Husband and ChetComm would have closed long ago.

Be on the lookout for some really cool new features and ways to interact over the coming months.