Catholic Husband

Love, Lead, Serve

Episode 8 - Five Years

Number five on a building wall

Five years ago this week, the Catholic Husband blog went live. There’s a lesson in there about the passing of time.Read Article


Running shoes with a field in the background

A 10-day stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will drain you. Lucy’s stay was a bit unexpected, and very frustrating. I think any parent of a newborn shares these emotions. Read Article

Episode 7 - Equilibrium

Giant waterfall crest

Raising little kids can be frustrating. One day they’re happy-go-lucky and the next, they’re in a constant meltdown. What can their moodiness teach us about ourselves?Read Article

Data Driven

Hosptial vitals monitor screen

I’m a guy who likes data. I like to see numbers, charts, and graphs. I can understand them and make decisions based off of them. It’s just the way that I am.Read Article

Episode 6 - Seasons

Tree flowering in spring

Seasons are a fact of life. In our personal experience, we have our own kinds of seasons. In good seasons, all is well, but in challenging seasons, we feel afloat. How does God prepare us for the season that we’re in?Read Article

A Successful Day

City lights at night

Defining success is elusive. In fact, it’s one of the more personal determinations that we make. We’ve had some great examples of success with the recent Winter Olympic games. It’s easy to conclude that the gold medal is the only one worth having, but how good must bronze feel after a decade of sacrifice, training, and hard work?Read Article

Episode 5 - Data Loss

iPhone sitting on a table

My iPhone started having issues a few weeks ago. I finally decided to do a clean install of iOS, and in the process, lost a ton of valuable data. It reset my focus this lent.Read Article

21 Years

Path into the woods

Confession is the gym of Catholic Sacraments. We rarely go, too sheepish to confront the reality of who we are. It’s difficult, embarrassing, and humbling. Of course, there’s the problem of a lack of confession times. When we do muster up the courage to go, we wait for 45 minutes at the back of an endless line of little old ladies who apparently just finished up a serious crime spree.Read Article

Episode 4 - Fr. Gus


We moved to a new town last summer, and have settled into our new parish. My kids are really taken with our pastor. I talk about why.Read Article


Mountain river on a foggy morning

As a parent, I have a ton of things that I want to teach my children. I want to give them the skills and values that I believe will help them grow into healthy, well-adjusted members of society. Resilience is one of those skills.Read Article